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Corporate/Business Presentations

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Dr. Joel Fish is a nationally recognized expert in sport psychology and motivation. He is a popular speaker and consultant for businesses and corporations, applying the techniques from the competitive world of sport to the competitive world of business. Dr. Fish has lectured at over 300 businesses and universities nationwide, on topics ranging from motivation, team building, clutch performance, slump-busting, developing terrific team leaders, and maintaining the competitive edge in the business world. He experience includes having been a sport psychology consultant for the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Philadelphia Phillies, and the USA Women's National Soccer Team. Dr. Fish has been widely quoted in the Philadelphia and national media, having been featured numerous times on CNN and ESPN. He is currently the Sport Psychologist for the University of Pennsylvania and the Saint Joseph's (PA) University Athletic Departments. He is also the director of The Center for Sport Psychology in Philadelphia. Dr. Fish received his B.A. from Clark University, an M.A. from Temple University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Business/Corporate/Conference Presentations Include:

  • CIGNA Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Charming Shoppes, Inc.
  • LSI Communications
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Mellon Bank
  • Morgan Stanley Investment Management
  • Training Partners, Inc.
  • AMC Theatres
  • Eagle Lodge Centers
  • Donnelly Directory
  • National JYC Organizations
  • Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Frequently Requested Topics

Slumps, Hot Streaks and MomentumWhat's really going on during those good times and bad? Examining self-fulfilling prophecies, positive thinking and communication as they relate to our personal and business lives.

Competitive Achievement: Winning in the Business World – Taking a look at personal attitudes about competition, overcoming mental blocks to successful performance, and how to enhance self-esteem.

Clutch Performance in the World of Work – Learning how to stay composed under pressure, developing mental toughness under stress, and maintaining concentration when feeling under the microscope.

Stress Management in Our Pressured Lives – Learning how to cope with frustration, temper, and self-critical thinking. Basic relaxation techniques and methods will be taught.

Stereotypes & Diversity – This presentation helps individuals to identify their attitudes about themselves and others, and offers ways to respect individual differences as well as to work better together.

Gaining the Mental Edge – Learning how to respond more productively in specific business situations, building upon personal strengths, and motivating ourselves to reach peak performance

Techniques for Managers: Working with Different Personality Types – Identifying various personality traits, understanding which personality types clash with your own, and learning how to expand your ability to motivate different personality types.

Teambuilding and MotivationLearn different methods of motivation, as well as how to identify the symptoms of competitive stress which often interfere with motivation. Ways to build terrific teams with different personality types will also be discussed.

The STAR System for Peak Performance – Explanation and demonstration of the STAR System: Self-Confidence, Temper Control, Positive Attitude, Respect as it relates to working to one's full potential.

Sportsmanship & Ethical Behavior - There is more cheating and poor sportsmanship in business than ever before. This presentation will identify the reasons for the lack of sportsmanship and ethical behavior in business today. Also, learn specific ways to promote fair play, positive sportsmanship, healthy competition, and ethical behavior in today's business climate.

Skills To Being A Terrific Team Leader - Being given a title doesn't mean that one has the skills to be a effective leader. This presentation teaches skills in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, motivating different personality types, and building terrific teams.

Staying on Top – How to creatively establish new goals, find meaningful new challenges, avoid burnout, and maintain enthusiasm for one's work.