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Joel H. Fish, Ph.D.
Dr. Joel Fish is a nationally recognized expert in sport psychology who has worked in the field for the past twenty years. He has worked extensively with athletes of all ages and skills levels, from youth sport through the Olympic and professional ranks. Dr. Fish has been a sport psychology consultant for the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia 76ers, the Philadelphia Phillies Organization, the Philadelphia Charge, and the USA Women’s National Soccer Team. He has spoken nationwide on sport psychology at over 300 universities and is a popular presenter at a variety of athletic functions. Dr. Fish has been frequently quoted in the Philadelphia and national media, having been featured numerous times on ABC, CNN, ESPN, Fox, HBO, and NBC. In addition, he has been featured on television programs such as NBC’s Today, HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, ESPN's SportsCenter and Outside The Lines. He is currently the Director of The Center For Sport Psychology in Philadelphia. He has recently published a book titled "101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent".Dr. Fish received his B.A. from Clark University, an M.A. from Temple University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Beth A. Howlett, Ph.D.
Beth A. Howlett, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist, is the Director of the Widener University Student & Community Counseling Center. She is a Certified Sport Psychology Consultant and is a member of the Olympic Registry of Sport Psychologists. In collaboration with Dr. Joel Fish and the Center for Sport Psychology, Beth has extensive experience working with athletes and teams of all ages and skill levels.   Athletics and health and fitness have constituted a major role in her life. Prior to coming to Widener University, she was employed at the University of Scranton since September 1980 as an Associate Professor of Physical Education, Senior Women’s Athletic Administrator, and Head Field Hockey Coach. She joined the Widener staff in December 1997 after completing a successful field hockey season, guiding her team to an NCAA tournament berth. Dr. Howlett has also coached women’s basketball, softball, track and field, and swimming on the high school level.  As an athlete, Dr. Howlett competed in intercollegiate field hockey, basketball, and softball at SUNY Cortland.  She has also competed in national level softball and field hockey events.  She continues to compete in road racing, biathlons, and triathlons.


Michael A. Goldberg, LCSW, CPA
Since 2005, Michael has received training and worked as a performance enhancement specialist at The Center For Sport Psychology.  He provides performance enhancement techniques for athletes to improve their overall achievement in athletics and in life.  Strategies are geared towards individual athletes, teams, and coaches. He has experience in mental skills training and techniques in the areas of relaxation, focusing, concentration, positive thinking, and visualization.  Michael also provides athletes with insight towards creating a healthy balance in their lives relating to athletic, school, social, and personal responsibilities.  In addition, as a Certified Public Accountant, Michael has a great deal of experience applying the mental skills necessary to compete in the world of sports to the mental skills necessary to compete in the world of business.
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Richard Stern, Ph.D.
Richard Stern
Richard S. Stern, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience serving children, adolescents, young adults, and families. Dr. Stern has an extraordinary knack for developing a therapeutic bond and fostering change with even the most resistant, angry, or withdrawn individuals. Using clinically proven family and individual therapy modalities, he treats a wide variety of child, young adult, and family issues, including stress, anxiety, aggression, and academic and sport performance. Dr. Stern specializes in addressing core relational issues of protection, loyalty, authority, and forgiveness to help families heal from generational wounds and allow children to develop appropriate individuation using the secure base of a trusting parent-child relationship. He has extensive experience working with families from an exceptionally wide array of ethnic and class backgrounds.


Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson, currently a Psychologist at Thomas Jefferson University, has extensive experience working with athletes in a therapeutic context. Andrew has worked with diverse individuals from many age groups and locations, and has provided counseling in the areas of substance abuse, anger management, depression, and eating disorders.  His background includes serving as a guest consultant at Chesterfield High School Specialist Sports College (Liverpool, England), the home school for the English Premier League’s Everton F.C. and Liverpool F.C. youth players, as well as counseling student-athletes at Sacred Heart University. Andrew, a former football player at the collegiate level received his B.A. (Organizational Communications) and his M.A.(Community Counseling) from Fairfield University.


Brandi Millis, B.A.
Brandi Millis is a former point guard for the University of Richmond and Galil Elion in the Israeli Pro League. She is currently Head Coach of the 9th Grade boys basketball team at Cheltenham High School. For the past 10 years, Brandi has been a motivational speaker at summer camps, schools, and clinics. Her amazing story of overcoming injury, succeeding as a student athlete, and striving to meet her goals both on and off the court is nothing short of inspiring.


Arnie Goldberg, Ed.D.
As a senior level executive, a proven leader with successful track record educational administration. More than 27 years of executive experience in all aspects of school leadership. Strong background in transforming schools toward greater accountability, efficiency, productivity and academic achievement utilizing a collaborative leadership style that translates intention into reality. Has worked extensively with school and college students, student athletes, parents, and coaches in the areas of motivation, leadership, and teamwork.